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Playstore in Work Profile stop updating and asking for Playstore Account

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over the last 3 Month we see more and more Android Devices enrolled with Android for Work Profile having problems with Google Play Store in the Work Profile. Apps in work profile no longer updating, if users try to open the work play store on affacted devices they get prompted for the google work account, it shows the automaticly provisioned android managed account (in form of somenumber@android-for-work...) and have the option to add an account, both is not working.


We see this issue over different devices like Huawai Smartphones, Samsung Smartphones and Tablets. This is a big issue because apps for example Outlook complain they have to be updated. The only way to get this devices working again is to remove them from company portal and reenroll the device.


Anyone else with this issue?



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@Sven Jansen 

I'm currently having the same problem with some users. Where you able to find the cause? 

Only thing that helps seems to be to remove the company portal app and re-enroll the device...