Pending Restart

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A machine shows "pending restart" when I pull the report through defender for endpoint recommendation section, but the user has restarted the machine several times. 

What could be wrong in this?

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I'm wondering if this is a case of waiting out the clock.
It looks like TVM recommendations could take anywhere between 4 - 24 hours before it reflects the changes you've made.
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You should hopefully see your work reflected before you read this response:D
- Dylan

This particular machine has been showing Pending Restart everytime I pull up the report and it has been like this for 4 weeks. So, this is something a bug or something in Intune Reporting or what am not sure.
Do any update?
Is it a Windows Update that's reporting needing restart, or is it a 3rd party product?
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I assume the devices are updated to the specific version? :)
Also, if that is the case and it has been more than 4 weeks, I would recommend you reach out to MS Support.