Password change during Autopilot

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When a device joins INTUNE through Autopilot can you make the user reset the password after their first login which is provided to them during the time of login?

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Have you considered using Temporary Access Pass?

Hi @oryxway390, in addition to what @rahuljindal-MVP suggested. Like he said, you can use a TAP to enroll the device to Azure AD without the need for a password. If you also configure Windows Hello for Business, the user can sign-in to the device with WhfB and change the temporary azure ad password on the next sign-in.  I did a video on TAP and a passwordless Autopilot enrollment that might be of interest for you: What is your excuse for passwords? The first 7 minutes are all about assigning a TAP to a user and then do a Autopilot enrollment, setup WhfB and MFA. Hope this helps.

@Oktay Sari Thank you for the reply and it was very nice to know all the new stuff that is available, and I am going to go through the video. But we are Hybrid AD and not Azure AD. So, will this still work for us when we allow devices enrollment for the first time that we could setup as you have mentioned?

Yes. TAP will work for domain synced accounts as well.