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I am deploying our antivirus Cylance agent to our Mac devices, I had cylance install .pkg file download, and had IntuneAppUtil installed. I am looking for instruction how to package the parameters in to my .intuneMac file. There is the install command for my Cylance agent with Parameters :

echo YOURINSTALLTOKEN >cyagent_install_token

sudo installer -pkg CylancePROTECT.pkg -target 

hop you can help me to convert this pkg install file with our parameters.



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has anyone a solution for this issue, I hav a similar problem. I am trying to wrap a .intunemac LOB with a POST instal script @Nathan Li 




Hi @Nathan Li and @Kristian Persson,


We do have some limitations with the Intune App Wrapping tool, some of them only being able to wrap .pkg files and only pointing to a source file without the ability to set pre/post install actions within the MEM console.


The way I have worked around this when I need more complex deployment scenarios of apps on macOS is to re-package the app with 3rd party tools. One good example is Packages which is freeware. Using packages you can add extra files to the installer, customize the installer UI and set pre/post install scripts etc.


I encourage you to check it out.


Ping me if you need more guidance!