Outlook / Office links opening in Edge (with Sidebar)

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Hi All,


There has been a recent change in the way that URL's from office, in my case Outlook, open..

For my current employer they use specific SaaS tools that only work in Google Chrome so i've set the default browser for all workplaces on Chrome.

Same as this tutorial: Set Google Chrome as Default Browser Using Intune – Learn Azure, OpenAI, M365, Terraform, Cybersecur...


But now the strange thing, despite having Chrome as default browser on the system, and having a cloud policy and configuration profile activated, the weblinks still open in EDGE..



Very frustrating for end users, does anyone have a permanent solution for this or encountered the same?

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I personally always configure the default apps by file type. If you configure all the file types Chrome supports to open with Chrome you shouldn't have this problem. You can follow this explanation:
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That is exactly the same as the blog i used.
I've figured out already, it's a licensing "issue".
Business licenses ignore the policy!
Are you sure about this? I have customers with business licenses who use this policy, with the operation verified.