Outlook Login Failed After Deploying MAM Policy

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If i try to connect to Outlook in an Android environment after deploying the MAM and conditional access policies, i will not be able to connect with the message 'Uncompatible device'.

The same policy applies to iOS.
ios works normally.

Is there any problem that you can expect?

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What device and Android version are you using?
version is 13, Not only me but also people who use version 12 have the same symptoms.
And the device model, manufacturer?
We use Samsung products, and there are various products.
There are many models including Galaxy Fold 3.
Does the incompatible device message show up in Outlook or Edge? Anything in Azure sign-in logs? Maybe check if an CA policy is blocking access on Android devices.
Sorry for the late reply.
In addition to Outlook, sporadic Office applications (such as one drive) have the same wording.
I'm going to check the CA policy again today.
Thank you for your kind answer.