Outlook for Android: Data transfer exception

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Hey Everyone,


I'm trying to modify our app protection policy to allow end-users to save photos from Outlook locally to Samsung Galaxy S devices. I've set Save copies of org data to Allow, and added both Samsung Gallery (com.sec.android.gallery3d) and Google Photos (com.google.android.apps.photos) as apps to exempt from the Send org data to other apps: Policy managed apps policy.


I'm able to select the attached photo and save it locally to be opened with the Gallery app, but unfortunately the preview is greyed-out with an exclamation mark. When I tap the image to view it, it's completely blacked out (see attachment). If I share the same image back to Outlook to attach to a new message, the image displays correctly. Any idea what's causing this?


I'm testing on a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10.0.

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Do you get the same results if you allow all apps (versus limiting to just those two)?