Outlook App Config for iOS - Enable Work Only Accounts

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Hi All


We have an Outlook App Config for iOS with Enable Work Only Accounts, yet users are still able add Personal Accounts to Outlook and the deployment status for App Config displays a status of:


Not Applicable


Any ideas?

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@Stuart King 

Did you check if the app configuration policy is applied correctly or not on the device?

You can check app configuration policy status for specific user in the intune reporting section.

@Eswar Koneti 


Sorry, which reporting section are you referring to?


I can only see Compliance in Reports section

I think he means Apps - Monitor - Reports and there you have reports for app config

@Thijs Lecomte 


I can see App Protection in there but not App Config.



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From the endpoint URL, click on apps, monitor, app protection status, click on reports on the right side, there you will see list of reports.
Here is the URL:


@Eswar Koneti 


Found it


Ah, so App Config reporting lives in the App Protection menu, handy


Thanks very much