Outlook App 4.8.0 for iOS having trouble syncing mail?

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Hi there, I have a user who received a new iPhone yesterday and after installing the most current version of outlook (4.8.0) seems to be unable to download or synchronize mail. They are using the most current version of iOS 13.1.3.


After signing in successfully, they receive a message to the effect of "swipe down to sync more mail", but nothing ever seems to happen.  Anyone else run into this yet? Posting here because the other day we had a similar issue with version 4.6 on an iPad and the thread I found here stopped me from pulling my hair out.. 


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Hi @car_spoon, sorry that this user is having an issue!

Mind if we ask a few questions to help narrow down what's going on?

  • Is the device MDM enrolled, or just using App Protection (MAM)?
  • Is the user's mailbox using Exchange On-Prem or EXO?
  • Are there other users within the environment experiencing the same, or is it just a single user?
  • If the user attempts to access their account on another device does the issue persist?
  • Lastly, if excluding the user from any Intune policies (MDM/MAM), are they able to access mail?

Intune Support Team

Hi @Intune_Support_Team, thank you for your reply. I'll do my best to answer your questions.


Firstly, I think I may have posted this to the wrong forum. These are not Intune users nor are they impacted by Intune at all. I originally posted here because I found others experiencing the same problem I was running into with the Outlook App for iOS. 


No, the device is not MDM enrolled. The users e-mail account is hosted on an on-prem exchange 2010 environment. I was not aware of anyone else experiencing trouble until this morning. I received a call from a user with an iPad which is enrolled in a MDM solution from another provider and they are now experiencing the same behavior. 


I'm not aware if this is impacting them on other devices with the Outlook App or not. I do know that they are able to access e-mail through other applications (outlook web access, and from a desktop). 

Thank you and I apologize for submitting this to the incorrect forum. 

Hi @car_spoon, no worries, thank you for the context!

You may want to post over on the Outlook - Tech Community, if this particular user is not leveraging any MDM.

That being said, you may want to check your ABQ (Allow/Block/Quarantine) rules to validate if the device is being blocked by Exchange.


If the user is still unable to access mail by checking the above, the Outlook support team would be happy to take a look. You can contact support via the Outlook in-app help menu by using the steps here.

Feel free to respond back here with any findings.

Best of luck!
Intune Support Team