Oppo device becomes noncompliant after updated to Android 12


Hi to all,


Description of the issue: The device has more than a year enrolled without any issue. After last update(the user updated the device 4 days ago) the device becomes noncompliant. It seems the device get recognized as the Android 11 and is non compliant for not being active for more than 30 days. On the device side you get register the device with your organization error and when you confirm the settings it get stuck there indefinitely.

Device model: Oppo Find X2

I know that this is a new issue that happened one week or so ago but anyone find some workaround for it?

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@Amidah1 Did you configure the Max OS version in a compliance policy?





No is not configured.

I know but this time I'm limited on the access of the device because of location of the user and cannot make deeper troubleshooting, and being a few days when the issue was discovered I was hoped someone had the possibility to troubleshoot and find a workaround.
I understand, for Samsung Phones they posted this:

Unlock your Samsung work phone
Launch Company Portal
Sign in to the Company Portal app.
Tap the menu.
Tap Settings.
Scroll down to Management Policy and tap Sync.
Wait while Company Portal syncs your device. When complete, the screen will show the timestamp of the last successful sync.
After the successful sync, the phone should be again compliant with Intune


Company Portal when open directly open the error. Don't let U get to other options. It appears like is not enrolled and give u the option to check settings nothing more. I tried almost anything and every time get stuck when checking.
Do you have the same model yourself? Can you enroll it again from scratch when it's running Android 12?

That is the issue 95% is Apple devices. We have only some Androids for VIPs that don't want Apple devices. And we don't have that models for testing.
I guess there's not much that you can do without having the same model as spare for testing/hardware replacement. That's the downside for having something that isn't the standard. With Apple devices you can restrict upgrades/update to a certain level, with Android you can't AFAIK