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OneDrive won't sign out users on Android multi-user kiosk mode

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We are trying to configure multiple tablets to be used at a multi-user level in kiosk mode. The devices we're working on are running Android 11 and are model SM-T220. We have enrolled these devices with the Corporate-owned dedicated device enrollment profile and have created a specific configuration profile for the tablets' intended use. One issue we are running into is when a user is logged out and another signs in, the old user's OneDrive account continues to stay logged in where it can be accessed when another user signs in. Looking to see how access to other users' OneDrive accounts can be made inaccessible when logged in with another account. 

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The same for Microsoft Sharepoint...
Yes, it seems login for OneDrive and SharePoint is tied (when you log into one, it logs you into the other as well), so the issue carries over. We tried looking into device/app configurations but haven't been able to find anything to solve this.