OneDrive "Work Location"

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Hello All,

We've just migrated our user base from on prem storage to OneDrive. It appears though after the migration about 1/4 of our users are unable to open files within their OneDrive. They get the follow error.


Work Location.jpg


They can view them online without issue. And they can move the file out of their OneDrive to somewhere locally on their device and it opens without issue. Any ideas?

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This looks like Windows Information Protection policy, do you have them configured?


@Moe_Kinani We had a OneDrive Policy n place but have since deleted from Intune about 3 weeks ago. Currently we have no WIP Policies in place other than ios and Android.

Was it WIP policy for OneDrive? I think it’s still effecting the devices even after removal, they take really long time to be released.