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Onedrive gets Setup, then complains on second login.

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Wasn't sure how to write the subject line.  My OneDrive policies are setup to auto-login the user and then configure known folders. That all works great on first login. 


Then, when you logout and login again, I immediately get the "Onedrive isn't signed in" error.



All one has to do at that point is click "Ok" and it will log them in. But I cannot seem to understand why this happens.  It is really annoying since scripts need to run to sync sharepoint shares and lots of times this dialog goes unseen and so the scripts don't run.  It is also not a user-friendly type of thing.


This ONLY happens with the second login. Each subsequent is fine.


My settings are this:


I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen. Other than, perhaps MFA? I set the computers up on a trusted network and the logout/login is also on a trusted network.


Not even sure where to start looking to solve this.


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Hmm, yeah, maybe I just dodged a bullet with one.



I guess there are also other people who are experiencing this problem:

SOme solutions they mentioned:



*Using an up to date onedrive installation


Intune/Win32/UpdateOneDrive at master · okieselbach/Intune · GitHub


*Try to test it on a little bit older os 20h2 instead of 21h1. I am hearing more people complaining with the 21h1 they are experiencing this problem a lot more




So, how do I issue this registry key before the computer is configured using Autopilot?

Also, all my computers are 20H2 do you want me to try 2004?
That registry entry is also under "current user" so I can't set that for everyone. right? Unless somehow it's a PS Script that runs at login but at that point OneDrive is already loaded, probably.