One drive stuck in personal mode

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I have an issue with one drive being stuck in a personal context. These are not personal accounts and never have been. However, the users can not access any of the files and have the briefcase icon and loc on files indicating they are work files. When I check the details in task manager onedrive is indeed in personal mode despite these being our azure work tenant accounts. I only have two users having this issue. Azure GPO is basically set like a new version of windows with no assignments and app protections are not turned on. Given that I have a thousand other users not having the issue, I'm assuming it isn't our azure settings but I was advised to post it here as well. Anyone have any idea regarding getting onedrive out of the personal context?

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What do you mean exactly when you say that "OneDrive is in personal mode"? What specifically do you see in Task Manager?


Are the icons you are seeing listed here? What do the OneDrive icons mean? ( If so, do the proposed resolutions there help at all?

On the Icons, each file has a briefcase on the corner, meaning its ownership belongs to the domain/work account, which is what it signed in, however it tried to read it as a personal account. When you go in to the task manager, move to details, right click and add the "enterprse context" detail menu you can see that the context is set to "personal". I know what the one drive icons mean. My issue is that it should belong to my azure domain, instead the context is listed as "personal" which is what is keeping me from being able to access the files correctly. Some open, and each time you open you must choose the program to open it, and often times it will say you dont have access. Which is patently false since the account has always been a work account. 

FYI it seems like you're unaware of that bit in the details protion of task manager. Normally for enterprise context it should list "whatever the domain is" when dealing with azure AD joined accounts/computers. it will list "personal" or N/A for legacy domain joined accounts/computers


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@simpletonsavant Okay, it sounds like you are using Windows Information Protection (WIP). I'm afraid I won't be able to assist you with that. Please note that WIP has been deprecated as of July 2022: Protect your enterprise data using Windows Information Protection - Windows security | Microsoft Lea...

I gotcha, it shouldn't even be on! I appreciate the attempt though. Its really strange that they weren't doing anything different during set up and still had the issue. Its mind boggling, which is the only reason I come to these! Thanks again!
Oh yeah, the app protection is turned off and has been. They don't call it WIP but App protection now. And its been off for at least 6 months when it was still WIP.