Office 365 + Intune/Endpoint Manager - Sync important contacts to phones

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I'm working for a organisation that wants to have some Outlook contacts be placed on company owned phones so that staff always have up to date contact information for people like HR and IT support. Granted whilst the email addresses aren't likely to change, we are looking it from the perspective they have lost access to all emails and can only phone in and we would like this to be dynamic as it would otherwise get forgotten about.


All of our work phones are currently managed by Intune and are enrolled with user affinity. Now I can see that Intune can configure Outlook to save contact information to the phones and include details like email and phone numbers, this I have set up, but what I've found is that this only syncs the contacts that are in the user's contact list. So even though I have our support contact information in Exchange, this doesn't automatically get added to the staff's contact list.


So, in short, is there a way to have some GAL contacts or shared contacts be automatically added to every staff members contacts list so that these can be synced to their work phones?

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You can try to use Let me know if you are succesful and how did you do it, so it will help other people too.

@infoatlantic, I recommend you to try the Secure Contacts App (Secure Contacts app | All benefits and features for your IT ( This app allows you to use GAL and Outlook contacts on your phone without syncing the data to the phone with full integration in Intune und Conditional Access. 

If you are relating to iPhones, then we worked with SHI to help develop a solution using CardDav to deploy contact lists. The solution was custom since we wanted 1 individual to be able to edit while others could only do read access. The final backed was Radical hosted on an Azure LINUX host. Mostly managed through webpage and SSH with an Outlook plug-in to provide a GUI sync tool for the contact list editor.