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notification of unused computers

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Hello community, I need a little help, I want to configure a notification that sends an email when the device has not been used for more than 30 days, can a policy be configured to perform this action?


Thanks everyone for your help

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You can look at initiating a send email notification action through device compliance policy after the device has reported as non-compliant for x number of days.

@rahuljindal-MVP hello, thank you for your faster awnser. I currently have a compliance policy created, I am attaching the configuration but I don't see where to configure it to search for the days the computer has not been used.


compliance policy.png

@JCastilleroR I was referring to this - 



@rahujindal-MVP Yes, but I understand that this email sending only evaluates what I have configured in the image I added, right? Or does it also evaluate the time without use? I hope I have explained myself
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Correct, the action is only for non-compliance based on what you have configured as parameters in the compliance policy. It is the closest way to address your requirement in my opinion using native functionality in Intune.

@rahuljindal-MVP Ok, thank for all¡¡¡ I try it