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Hi experts,


is there a way to get notification (admin notification) when a new computer is enrolled in Intune? We have hybrid joined scenario... so it takes a while for devices to show up there.... Would like to get some email notification if that is possible...

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@sumo83 , have you tried Windows enrollment notifications under Windows enrollments in Intune?

@rahuljindal-MVP .. I've checked that but it seems to send a notification directly to a user.... can't select recipient for these notifications.

wooow... this is a bit beyond my expertise for now :)) .... it however looks quite handy and very well explained - so will go through it and play with it a bit... Seems to be a good starting point to start with Logic apps ... thanks for the link!

Hi @sumo83,

We resurfaced your question during this episode of Unpacking Endpoint Management. Please see the panel's answer at around 49:15.