Not able to add Android apps from Closed track

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I am facing issue on adding Managed google play app on Intune portal[]. We have planned to test our android application from internal track provided by google play & add the same on Intune endpoint and assign it our users. But we are not getting this options. Following are the steps we followed:
    1. Add android application on Closed testing track on
    2. We added few testers for this application
    3. Added organization information on Manage organization option available under this play.PNG
    4. We got this organization from id and name from play.PNG
    5. I can search the application on and added it as managed apps. You can see a lock icon on the image attached here.  
    6. App_is_added.PNG
    7. Now I am going to endpoint manager portal and navigated to Home->Devices->Android->Android Enrollment & added the same google account I used for Google play console. endpointmanager.PNG
    8. Now Sync the Manage google play with Intune by navigating as mentioned here[Home->Tenant admin->Connectors and token->Managed Google play-> Sync]
    9. Now I navigated to Android apps[Home->Apps->Android->Add-App type->Managed Google play app] & clicked select
    10. Now if i search for the application i added on closed, I am not able to see it. What is the issue here?
Below are the links I used for reference:
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I think it could be because of the closed track application name that may have been already registered in google play. The name should be unique in order to sync it in Intune @droidPriyan 

If you have already fixed the issue then please do let me know how did you do that. I would really appreciate it.