None of my devices in my tenant are checking in

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Hello All,


For some reason, the last time all devices (windows/android devices) in one of my tenants checked in was on 9/12 (so no check ins at all today 9/13). There have been no changes made that should have affected the check in of devices. Has anyone ever seen this happen?  


If I go to enrollment profiles, and view devices under there, they are checking in, however not in the devices blade. 


My other tenant is working fine, so its throwing me for a loop.


Thanks in advance for any assistance,

Chris R.

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Hi Chris,

Are you able to check in from the PC manually and reflects the correct time? Are your pcs sitting beind firewall or proxy that could blocking the checkin? Have you checked your intune licenses?

Almost sounds like this issue:
So my first guess would be a ms issue as other tenants seem to work for you... i ALso assume this started happening just the last few days ?

You are correct. This started happening basically yesterday (the 13th). I only noticed it because all my devices show Last check-in on the 12th of September.  I did see when I go into a device, and click see more, it shows the device is actually checking in as expected (last check in 9/14 today), however when I go back to the devices list, it shows the device last checked in on the 12th.@Rudy_Ooms_MVP