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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

No Native Calendar App in Work Profile for Personally Owned Work Profile Android

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I have the app policy for Outlook mobile contacts and calendar set to sync.  When these are set on a device without InTune, the contacts show up in the native contacts app and the calendar items show up in the native calendar app.  


When enrolling InTune with the Outlook mobile app in the work profile, InTune auto adds the native contacts app into the work profile and I see all my work contacts.  If does not, however, add the native Calendar app into the work profile and there is no way for me to add this as it's not a google play store app.  


Why do we lose the ability to see our work calendar items in the native calendar app on the work profile and have to first open Outlook then Calendar?  


There is one setting in the Config Policy of Android Enterprise that is still confusing and not sure if this affects just the calendar (since the work contacts sync fine, I can search contacts in the native phone, contacts and messages app from work profile just fine):

I have mine set to the second option as it states we should never use the third but don't think this has anything to do with the calendar items. 



  • Data sharing between work and personal profiles: Choose if apps in the work profile can share with apps in the personal profile. For example, you can control sharing actions within applications, such as the Share… option in the Chrome browser app. This setting doesn't apply to copy/paste clipboard behavior. Your options:

    • Device default: Sharing from the work profile to the personal profile is blocked. Sharing from the personal profile to the work profile is allowed.
    • Apps in work profile can handle sharing request from personal profile: Enables the built-in Android feature that allows sharing from the personal profile to the work profile. When enabled, a sharing request from an app in the personal profile can share with apps in the work profile.
    • No restrictions on sharing: Enables sharing across the work profile boundary in both directions. When you select this setting, apps in the work profile can share data with unbadged apps in the personal profile. This setting allows managed apps in the work profile to share with apps on the unmanaged side of the device. So, use this setting carefully.



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I was able to fix this on my own. My case with Microsoft was over 5 weeks old, 3 escalations and no one could figure it out.

I found the Package ID of just the Samsung calendar app from the galaxy store website, added a new Android Enterprise App, pushed to device, then voila. Now have calendar items and can add this calendar to my home page.
We jsut deployed Intune to about 40 Andorid users and a few complained about the same issue where the Work Profile created does nto synch with their built in Mail Calendar.

Can you please provide the PackageID location of the Samsung Calendar you used? Many Thanks!
Here are the Samsung ones we've deployed: