No company Apps after signing in using company portal

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Hi All

I really need your help on this issue, yesterday after playing with lots of settings I can't figure out where is my mistake.


1. When I log in using Company Portal to enroll Android device (Personally-Owned with Work Profile), I can sign in without problems, with no Erros, but the device is not enrolled, and no apps shown.

2. Two days ago (before playing with multiple settings), I was able to log in with multiple test users accounts and apps was displayed normally.

3. I checked device policy and configuration policy and things seems OK.

4. After facing this problem, even did not apply Conditional access to the device group where this device belongs.

5. When I log in, I do not get to the setup access page where it starts to create profile and activate work profile and update device settings.

6. I even factory reset the Samsung s24 device but still the same.

7. Apps are assigned to the group where the device belongs.

8. One user even succeeded to enroll his device normally, so I added the testing user to that group and signed in, but it is still the same!!

9. I created two groups:

one for corporate owned devices with Work profile and devices works OK

Second for Personally owned devices with Work profile, one device enrolled and works, others not.


Definitely I am missing something, everything was not that complicated when I made the initial configuration.


Any suggestion where the problem could be?

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Sounds like an issue with your assignments. Have you tried assigning to user based groups for testing?

Yes, I added the testing user account to the same group where the user was able (after some issues) to log in and gets enrolled. But frankly speaking after his enrollment I added conditional access and application protection. So I am not sure if he would be able to enroll again after those changes.

But the newly created testing group and assigned policies & configuration has very few restrictions. Moreover, I disabled conditional access to this group.



Did you check your Enrollment Restrictions, maybe the users with the issue get a different restriction.




thank you Sebastiaan, I was trying to post some screen shots of the my configuration, but as I am new in this forum, I failed. I checked it and it is allowed.

I start to believe that the problem is not in the configuration at all, because I tried to add one more Android app to an existing working mobiles, and configured it as "Required", in the app installation it is appeared but shows "0" installation.
which makes me think the problem is the link between Android service and Microsoft.

In "Managed Google Play" status is Green", I am trying to understand how to check from Google side, not sure how to do it



Just to be sure you use the Managed Google Play option to add apps right? That is the way to add Android Enterpise Apps:




There is nog a lot to see on Google's part but you can login to with the Google account you used as Managed Google Play account in Intune..


Yes, I added all apps like this. I also logged in to Google admin center and it shows that Android Enterprise subscription is active.

You triggered an important issue that maybe the cause of all of that: I guess it maybe related to sanctions applied to Russia
A ok, keep us posted!
I still feel there is something in your Intune configuration and\or assignments. Without getting visibility into your setup it will be hard to pin point the problem. Maybe it will be best to open a ticket with MS.
aah sorry, none of the pictures are opening for me. If you can send the details to email address removed for privacy reasons, then I can take a look.