No command line arguments since new Intune update



I am facing the problem, that since the new Intune UI update was taking place the option to set up command line arguments for LOB apps is gone. Anyone having the same? Is there an option to get this back? 



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Same problem here.  @m_krone 

Hi m_krone,

Have you tried to use Win32 instead of LOB? At least you have more options!




Same here, I reached out to MS. Hope it get fixed soon. In the meantime you can wrap your .msi file into an .intunewin Win32 app and deploy it this way. This is anyway the better approach as it has a lot more flexibility and control.



@Oliver Kieselbach Yes thanks for the hint I am aware of that.

Intune was fixed by today after some people reported this problem yesterday. Now the command line options ware available again.