Newbie with random problems with iOS enrollment and management

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Just starting with Intune coming from AirWatch.  Seems like I have mostly everything setup correctly, but running into issues here and there.  Hoping someone can't get me on track with these.


1) and VPP is setup with Intune.  The device is in mdm and synced with our Intune.  Have an enrollment token setup with an enrollment profile setup.  The problems:


a) I wipe the device and it goes through enrollment fine. Looks like configuration profiles takes as I get asked for only a 4 pin passcode.  But two things that are not working is in the same profile I have it set to Auto-Lock after 5 minutes.  But you go in and it is set to 1 minute.


b) All Apple Default apps have a cloud beside them like Facetime, Reminders, Notes, Maps, Weather, etc.


c) Noticed on DEP devices, that the Configuration Profiles are doubled for some items.  One is installed by the users who is signed in and the other is "System Account".  The passcode profile, wifi settings profile and delay ios updates profile have the duplicates. I am using All Devices to assign and wondering if that is why.  Trying to figured out Dynamic Groups to group devices into the same OU as users.  Like Marketing have a user group in AD, be nice to have a devices auto go into a device group called Marketing.  Looks like it can be done with Categories, but people have to select their Category on enrollment.  Want it automated like we have in AirWatch.


I have Outlook app downloaded with VPP and it is forced to install and have an application configuration profile and that all seems to work.  Just have the weird quirks above and not sure why?


Also playing around with Dynamic Device Groups to assign things that way to Company owned devices.




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