New Teams Won't Show in Start Menu or Add/Remove Programs After Intune Install

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We are starting to add the new Teams app to our Intune autopilot deployment sequence. We are using the teamsbootstrapper.exe file to install

The problem is that while we know it does install as we can see the Teams folder in c:\ProgramFiles\WindowsApps directory, Teams icon/shortcut does not get added to the Windows start menu nor is it listed in add/remove programs.

In Intune we've tried the following install commands:

1: teamsbootstrapper.exe -p

2: and this powershell script:


function ProvisionTeams {
    param (

    if ($ProvisionMode -eq "AllUsers") {

        Start-Process -FilePath ".\teamsbootstrapper.exe" -ArgumentList "-p" -Wait -WindowStyle Hidden
    elseif ($ProvisionMode -eq "CurrentUser") {
        Start-Process -FilePath ".\teamsbootstrapper.exe" -ArgumentList "-p" -Wait -WindowStyle Hidden
    else {
        Write-Host "Invalid ProvisionMode specified. Use 'AllUsers' or 'CurrentUser'."

# Provision for all users
ProvisionTeams -ProvisionMode "AllUsers"

# Provision for the current user
ProvisionTeams -ProvisionMode "CurrentUser"


And neither yield allow for Teams to show up in start menu for users to access.

Anyone got any ideas????

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 8.45.43 AM.pngScreenshot 2024-03-13 at 8.46.43 AM.png

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Does the new Teams appear for the user after a restart of the device?
Yep.. done that, and no change. Everything looks good when deployed outside of autopilot, but it's autopilot where we see this issue and need it fixed so we can give users a machine with everything setup correctly.
When deployed via Autopilot, and you restart the PC. What happens when the user logs in again, does Teams become available for the user?

Which context are you deploying the application?
We've deployed the app as in both the system and user context. No user ever sees the app.
Is there a "provision teams" command with tnbe new teams that's similar to the available switch in the old teams msi installer?
Hi A-Dog,

I'm not quite sure, I understand the question.
However, this is the official deployment guide for the new Teams from Microsoft:
Yes.. that's the guide we followed when we first started testing. Teams will NOT show up in Start menu / List of apps when installed via Autopilot.

If installed from company portal or as a required install outside of autopilot there is no issue.
Sorry, I haven't had the time to test with Autopilot. I will try one of the next days :)
How are you deploying it at the moment?


We deploy as a win32 app with the system behavior.

the install command is teamsbootstrapper.exe -p


we have the same issue and i think its related to the detection script. the script from this link only checks

if the package is under C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. 


This doesnt check if its actually installed and useable for the user. if the check only checks the presence of the bootstrapper or the appx file but doesnt check if its installed for the user -> useless script.


i work on a detection based on the install status of a Appx product. it must be in the list of installed software products. thats what i would check against