MyApps v. Company Portal v. mobile apps

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I'm looking at our EMS options and trying to find some definitive guidance on the advantages and disadvanges of the difference types of app access on a mobile device. So for example, for users wanting to check their work email on their phone (say, an iPhone) should I be telling them to use:


- Outlook Mobile app - from the appstore and configured using he O365 credentials

- Native ios email app - preinstalled on device and configurable using O365 credentials

- MyApps app - from the appstore and configured using O365. Gives a slighly dated looked Outlook web app.

- Intune Company Portal app- from the apps store. We aren't currently using this but assume you can access the Outlook web app through it (similar to MyApps experience)??


For BYOD staff, which is the most secure option and why? Are there any guides out there?


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Outlook via Intune is the most secure because you can easily implement more advanced features such as Azure Info Protection to prevent people from copying company docs/messages into personal systems. This also gives you the ability to wipe company content without affecting the other apps on the users personal device.
Here is a good place to start