My journey to the cloud with Microsoft Intune


We sat down with IT pros who have made the journey to cloud-native endpoints with Microsoft Intune and asked them what worked well, what didn’t, and how their day-to-day is different now that they are managing endpoints in the cloud.

In the condensed interviews, we hope you’ll find something you can relate to and get motivated to take the next steps in your own cloud journey. We’ve indexed the interviews and provided transcripts so you can find what you’re looking for – and if you can’t, join the conversation in the comments:

IT pro perspectives teaser

Hear from several IT pros and their quick thoughts on the journey to cloud-native endpoint management with Microsoft Intune.
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Anders Ljungdahl, Solution Architect, and Jennie Strömvall, IT Technician

Learn about their strategy when it came to deploying Intune and how it benefited their day-to-day activites.
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James Robinson, End User Computing Workstream Lead

Hear about a consultant's experiences of customers and observations on the process of migrating to Intune.
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Walker McAninch, Senior Endpoint Engineer

Learn about the experience of migrating more than 1,000 devices to the cloud from an on-premises environment.
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