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We have a couple employees that are past of 2 hospitals, both are using Microsoft outlook and intune to manage that using App Protection policies. Is there a way to add both email accounts in outlook? Currently the authenticator app deletes the second account when you try to add it. 


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Hi @ChrisBijl


Intune managed apps supports only one managed account. Intune Apps does not limit the number of unmanaged accounts. Application like teams, outlook, etc are multi-identity, but you only can have one managed account configured with MAM policies. 


As defined in the below Microsoft documentation

iOS/iPadOS apps with app protection policies | Microsoft Docs

Android apps with app protection policies | Microsoft Docs


As you have mention in your question you have couple employees that are part of two hospitals. Are those hospitals configured in one tenant or different tenants? If they are configured in one tenant you can configure the second account as a shared mailbox.


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Thanks @Mr_Helaas Helaas pindakaas ;) 

Unfortunately for the users they are part of two different organisations 


@ChrisBijl Hi Chris, we have the same 'problem'. Did you ever found a solution or workaround for this?