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Multiple contacts on iOS

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Hi All,


We've recently migrated our company end-users from Exchange on-premise to O365.

Everything went well and the Outlook for iOS app switched without any further issues after pushing the new config via Intune.


We now have like 5 users of the whole company (580) which encoutner issues with their saved contacts.

They sometimes have the same contact, multiple times in the Native-Contacts app of iOS.


Via Intune push the settting "Save contacts" is On.

The users have multiple devices but not on every iOS device is contacts sync turned on.

When removing the contacts via Outlook for iOS app by turning the sync off, all  contacts are removed correctly.


Intune App configuration Profile:



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I expect the user is saving Corporate contacts on his/her ICloud account, try to export ICloud Contacts->remove duplicate entries ->import to ICloud again then sync Contacts from Outlook.


+1 on this!

When I've encountered this a few times (or the contacts missing/not being removed as expected) it's usually due to the users having corporate (or all contacts) saved to iCloud or locally, and not Outlook. 


Try turning of the sync contacts on the affected device and see if the contacts are still there. By doing that you could pin-point where the contacts are and take actions as suggested by Moe.

It turns out to be an iPad syncing the contacts from icloud to local device and this duplicates on all devices linked to the same Apple ID.