Multi-app kiosk configuration

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Has anyone had success with configuring a multi-app kiosk with Intune. I'm especially having problems with Edge, for a quick test I've done Calculator and Edge as the two apps allowed to run, running Calculator seems to work as expected, Edge however will not launch, click on the tile and nothing happens. If I build a single-app kiosk using Edge that seems to work.

Anyone have experience in this area?



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I've done this in the past, but it's been a couple years. Here is my stab at it. There maybe some better ones too!:

Thanks Nathan, I'll give it a read. And I'll do some more research, I have reached out to some MS contacts we have on the Edge team to see if they know of any reason why the browser won't launch.
Sounds like a plan! Make sure you are using -UseDesktopApplicationID when exporting the startlayout.

Export-StartLayout -Path 'C:\StartLayout.xml' -UseDesktopApplicationID

@Nathan Blasac 

So I was able  to get this working finally, using the Microsoft Edge option that's built-in when configuring the kiosk (I've circled it in the attached image) doesn't seem to work as Edge never launches when clicking on its tile. Instead I added Edge as a Win32 application and that is working.

Very nice! Good Work. How did you end up building the start layout?
Sorry for the delay in coming back to the thread.
As far as the start layout in the multi-app kiosk config there's a default option to have the app tiles on a full-page start menu so I went with that and didn't do a customized layout.
I also followed up on this with a Microsoft resource and according to them for that built-in Edge option to work Edge has to be assigned to the machine in Intune (something I'm unable to do currently because the client apps workload in our environment is still Configuration Manager only).
One small bug I found is that if the show taskbar option is selected File Explorer will sometimes be displayed on the taskbar, seems to show up randomly after reboots.
very Cool I'm glad you got it working
Unbelievable.. this bug still exists.. but thanks for the workaround