MS Endpoint Manager: Clearing old policy errors

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Sometime in December Microsoft seems to have made a change to the way it counts the number of "Policies with error or conflict" and we are now trying to clean up previously ignored errors. We have  shared machines, and most of these errors are related to individual accounts for people who no longer log into these systems. Since then the same policies have applied successfully on the same machine for other users.


Is there any way to purge these old failure points such that they no longer show up as a "Failed" device configurations within the console?


Example (machines are in active use today, but different accounts):





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We too are having this issue, Did you find a way to resolve? @MikeGrove 


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@LukeWeb-star Sorry no solution as of yet short of wiping and re-enrolling the device. If you manage to find a less disruptive process let us know.