moving two files to a folder in program files

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Hi all, 


I have an application that needs to be rolled out which requires to have these two files which are a ID file and a key File moved into a folder in program files after the install. How would I get these 2 files into the correct folder in program files once the application is installed? 


Please help!

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The first option it to create one win32app / intunewin to install and copy the files the second option would be to create a simple win32 app to copy the 2 files with a powershell script (which is also included in option 1)

*You can add the installation file to a folder.
*Add to two files also to that folder
*Add a powershell script to it, which calls up on the setup to install the program
*Add a simply copy .\install.key c:\program files\folder\install.key
*add a simple copy .\ c:\program files\folder\
*Convert the folder/set to a win32 setup file
*Upload it to intune and specify the detection rule (c:\program files\appfolder)