More than one update profile assigned

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Hello everyone,


we have the following problem.


There are several update ring profiles.

For driver management, a profile was created in which only Windows drivers are allowed.

The assignment group was excluded from the other update ring profiles by membership in the exclusion groups for the other update rings.

But update ring profiles are still assigned.

Only individual ones, but as far as I understand, the devices should only receive one update profile?!

In addition, users and devices are members through nested group members in the exclusion groups.

At user level, the update policies are also shown as excluded under "Assigned Policy".

Not for the devices. There, the two or more update policies are shown as active.

What could be the reason for two or more policies being assigned?

How can I prevent this?


Thank you in advance for tips and help

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I am not totally sure that I understand the issue fully.
Which other update rings, have you created?

Do you wish to have the group assigned to the driver ring excluded from the others?

Hi Nicklas,

Yes, this is the Point. The devices (a testgroup of comanaged devices) should get only one profile. And, by the way is the other question, why did they get the profile although they are in the group for the exclousion?


The created Update ring is configured with only allow "Windows Drivers" for a Test for the later global rollout. 

And by checking the Monitoring and all other stuff we noticed that the devices in the testgroup getting policys from the other update rings. But we assigned the device group to the group wich is configured to exclude in these profiles.


Hope it is better to understand now my question. ;)



Hi @mvolkmann,

How is your assignments configured?
A test group is included on the ring, you would like. What about the other rings?
Now it is on me. Not sure what you are asking for.
As a sample:

Update profile ring one is configured with blocking windows drivers. one assignment group is build for this group for include and one for exclude from the profile. And an existing assetgroup is member of the include assigment group.
The profile for the driver management is build in the same way. And the "Driver assesment group" is member of the update profile ring one exclude assignment group.

The same for the other update profiles.