Monitoring Client app install failure

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I noticed that we constantly have a couple of apparently random errors in the "Client app install failure" (under Status on the home page). These are Microsoft Store apps installed with the new store (not the legacy Business store). The error message is typically: Client error occurred. (0x87D300CA)


These errors appear randomly for any app and any user for a couple of days and then disappear. I suspect that this happens during app updates or during some synch process and they get corrected on the following sync, but I am not sure.


We have a total of about 35 users and 7 apps that we push on our computers (Microsoft Whiteboard, Windows File Recovery, etc.). There is always a couple of those errors lingering around. Is this "normal behavior" or is there something that we haven't set up correctly on our side?


These errors are not problematic per se, but they add noise to the system, and they make it less obvious to filter actual problems.

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In which installation context are those new microsoft store apps deployed? User Or System? Was the app already installed on those devices?
Hi Rudy,

Those apps are deployed by user group, not the system.

It doesn't seem to matter if the user already installed the app or not (in any case, these apps are part of the Autopilot profile as well, so they are installed when the user sets up his/her computer): there might not be a problem for an app for months, then, all of the sudden, it gives an error message on one or two users, then two days later that app is fine and I have a problem with another one.

The issue is that there always seems to be at least one or two an apps at a time with a problem with one or two users. Given we only push 7 apps on 35 users, I can't imagine the number of errors for larger organizations. Again, this is not a big issue, but it adds noise to the number of things that we have to monitor...