Mobile app protection policy question

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I have enforced the Outlook pin requirement with it to lock after 120 mins of idle on all mobile devices. Is there a way to make a policy to allow the device to continue to check for emails and use default notifications after the app has timed out and locked?

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It will depend on the token validity and session length. As long as these are active, Outlook should be able to continue syncing in the background. Are you seeing otherwise?
I think It stops syncing in background after 120 mins of inactivity, end-user has to reenter pin to allow notifications after that time.
Notifications may be restricted, but syncing is expected to work. Have you checked Entra ID non-interactive sign-ins and\or data in Office admin portal?
No, where within Entra ID is that located? I'm not finding it.
Actually, I don't have a subscription to this
oh wait.. yes that's new AD sorry. I still need guidance on how to get to that area
I didn't find any part of this article helpful for my question.
Can you provide a screenshot of what your app protection policy settings? And how many devices is this issue present on?

My best guess is that it's related to how that user configured notifications on their device.
It could be something as simple as they have cellular access off for Outlook so it only works on Wi-Fi; iOS/iPadOS is very aggressive in killing background Wi-Fi usage.
I disabled it for now, not had the time to troubleshoot.