Mixing VPP Licensing


Wanted to ask for some ideas/suggestions on a following situation.

We have started to enroll our iOS devices as fully managed through ABM into Intune. Overall things work great and we managed to deploy everything needed. Apps are device licensed and pushed through Company Portal.

However we are currently looking into allowing work profile for a group of users and this we are doing via user enrollment with user selecting personal device.

The issue we are running into is mixing license types for the same app.
For example: User A will use a fully managed device with all apps available + work profile allowing for a small subset of apps. As per our understanding fully managed devices require device based app licensing while apps deployed through user enrolled devices have user based licensing. The problem is that in intune it is not possible to assign the same user (group) with two types of licensing for the same app, namely device for fully managed and user for work profile scenario.

We have also tried with multiple groups, fiddled with required vs. available (with all limitations), and also tried with filters depending on ownership type. None of it did the trick.

Did maybe someone have something similar? Any feedback is more than welcome!

Thank you very much!
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