Microsoft365 device management not showing all company devices


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our company has 3 locations spread over the world and we are using Office365 / Azure / SP and CRM since years now. When I navigate to known as the Microsoft365 Device Management I can see only 4 devices.

Going to Azure AD Admin Center > All Devices I can see all 32 devices within the company but I am not able to manage them remotly because they have no MDM assigned.

What do I need to do to enroll all company devices? 


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There are many ways to enroll a device to Intune.
Here you can find an overview:

Are they W10 devices that are currently domain joined?

@Thijs Lecomte Hi I have this issue, devices were currently Azure AD registered, but no compliance status, it says N/A but in Endpoint Manager it shows my Android device is Compliant. Now I have a duplicate of my Windows 10 VM which is now Hybrid Joined which I am trying to achieve. How do I enforce policies with these kind of joins? 

You need to check if these devices are enrolled into Intune or not.
A device can be in Azure AD, but not enrolled into Intune.
Got the, there should be a column these 'ManagementType', if it states MDM than you will be able to manage these.
Otherwise they need to be enrolled
If you are using Hybrid join, you need to sync your devices from On Prem as well so they show Hybrid registered on Intune portal.

Hope this helps!

@Thijs Lecomte

@moe_kinani  I managed to get it working. My VM gets a red error page at the Windows Autopilot OOBE page, so I heard VMs dont support White Glove deployement? Should I disable this setting for my Enrolment policy? Neither can I sign into the end users Microsoft work/school account but there is connectivity and I can ping my domain.



Intune Connector

Device writeback

Azure Hybrid join


Group for Devices, I am trying to do a Hybrid Join for the VM, added organization and Container Attributes as well as Delegation on the Intune DC connector




VMs are not supported for white gloves deployment, you should disable the setting.


@Moe_Kinani Thanks it has worked but now one last issue, do I require the MDM GPO for auto enrollment? I think its conflicting with Autopilot, when I did a RSOP.MSC it shows an error and when I log on to the Client is says 

The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this workstation trust relationship