Microsoft Teams: Manage it using Mobile Application Management (MAM)


I just posted a new blog post on how to manage Microsoft Teams using Mobile Application Management (MAM) from Intune. WOuld like to hear your thoughts, input, feedback and general comments. Thanks!


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MAM support for the Teams client was available some months ago wasn't it? Is there something new or changed that I missed in your post?

I think Matt is just showing a detailed step by step about how to manage Teams with MAM

I think MAM for Teams was available for a long time. Your post is good from procedural perspective on how to etc. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback. The intest of this blog post was not to make any announcements but a simple how to on MAM.

It's a shame this doesn't work for Windows 10 BYOD (MAM) where a user has installed Teams on their own device. As Teams is not an enlightened app a user gets access via Teams to corporate data and can then copy / paste to any local app. This is not secure and data loss will happen.    @Matt Soseman