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Dear all,


As we aware that Microsoft Store for Business is going to depreciate soon. and right now, we are working on new version of Microsoft Store App to deploy Company Portal App. Yet, it gives error: 

  • If it is new device install/set up, then the app will push and install the company portal app without any errors
  • But if device contains Company portal app already existed, then it will give error. and notifications push really annoy to users every times. 

Hence, is there any advises or solution to ensure that Company Portal getting install and if it detect app there then just stop throw the error? 




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@NickE Thank you for your information. I used to try that link you shared related the Reset-AppX.ps1 script as well. Yet, it won't work when we finished upload the script. It is keeping throw error as below: 


" {"error":{"code":"InternalServerError","message":"{\r\n \"_version\": 3,\r\n \"Message\": \"An internal server error has occurred - Operation ID (for customer support)"


Have you been deployed or tested successfully?