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Hello all,

As announced by Microsoft, the Microsoft Store for Business will be discontinued in Q1/2023.
We are therefore in the process of migrating to the new Microsoft Store. We distribute the apps via Intune.
This is also working so far. However, some apps like iTunes or Miro are not available as a repository app.

When I add them via the Intune link, the Microsoft Store wants to open.

However, we don't want to unlock the entire Microsoft Store for employees.
So we have Intune set the setting to "Only the private store is enabled". As described in the documentation.

However, now even links from the company portal do not open because the Store is locked.



1. how can I use the Microsoft Store in private mode so that I can distribute apps that are not in the repository store?

2. How can I continue to distribute paid apps in the future after the business store is shut down?


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