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Hi Community,


Need some guidance and recommendations on the deployment of Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Data Loss Prevention in the organization just go through the below link that Windows Information Protection (Intune-App Protection Policy )WIP is going to deprecate.


Did anyone deploy Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Data Loss Prevention in their environment as Microsoft recommend this ? Although go through different Microsoft Learning Site but did not find any specific settings for Microsoft Purview Information Protection & Data Loss Prevention. How it works for Intune?

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Hi Saad,

I have deployed MSFT Purview information Protection sometime this year. WIP is deprecating and I would not use it.
Microsoft has pushed the new Compliance (Endpoint DLP) to force MPIP and DLP policies, replacing WIP and Unified Information Protection.

Do you have specific questions? I know it’s overwhelming process but happy to discuss with you if needed!


@Moe_Kinani Thanks for updating and sharing the ref. URL. I would like to discuss best practices or recommendations for the deployment of both Microsoft Purview Info Protection and DLP. Any guide step-by-step generic one.

Hi @Saad_Farooq 


I have used some articles for some advanced settings, for example attachment label inheritance for emails etc. I have started with this amazing training in Pluralsight and also this book -  Microsoft Purview Information Protection Chapter. 


Happy to answer any questions you have during your journey!




Hi @Moe_Kinani

Sound good and definitely i will go through below documentation. Last thing to ask that on Intune there is WIP and all settings embedded under App Protection policy. So while deploy Microsoft Purview Info Protection and DLP how it related to Intune?
Nothing will relate to intune, all the policies will be managed from If you use Defender for Endpoint, onboarding will be very easy.

So it means WIP is retired from Intune and from now onwards devices will be managed via Compliance Portal using Micrsoft purview information protection and DLP.
Yes, you’re correct!

Hi Moe,

Thanks for the links. I have been reading about Purview and it all talks about DLP on managed devices. Does Purview offer any DLP on BYOD devices?

Any help is highly appreciated.