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I am new to InTune and it has become my responsibility to administer the system. Would anybody be able to recommend any training resources to help get up to speed? Our InTune implementation is cloud-based and not integrated with SCCM.


I would prefer how-to training rather than marketing information. There many marketing related videos out there but they don't explain much on how to use the system. They are more about why you need the system. Most of what I have found is InTune integrated with SCCM which is not the same as the cloud-based implementation.


I have been searching for some time but haven't really come across any decent training. I'd really appreciate some help with this.


Thank you!


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Faced the same problem, actually. There is no official training or anything like that.

Only one good way to learn is by going through and practicing.

I found this resource so far: 


New Horizons has a training course that covers this curriculum but my boss doesn't feel like it is a good match for me. I could use about half of that training though for sure.

We have a list of training videos - 63 Episodes of Free Intune Training for Device Management Admins -