Microsoft Intune issue on Realme 5 pro which has ColorOS6

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I have been seeing issues with Microsoft Intune while opening any office applications like Outlook. When I open outlook, I see an error message stating, "Your organization has removed its data associated with this app because the Microsoft Intune Company Portal data or application was removed. To reconnect, you must sign-in with your work or school account." Post this, I will have to reconfigure my account in Outlook. It seems like this issue is happening on Realme devices. We did get a patch for ColorOS6 recently, but still, we're facing the same issue. Is this something to do with ColorOS?




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Hi Shreyas,

Have you pushed BYOD policy recently? I have seen this issue when we pushed BYOD policy on existing Android Devices and Outlook was already installed without Company Portal app.


No. It was present already. I installed the Company portal first and then configured outlook. @Moe_Kinani 

@vshreyask  I have also received a couple of reports in my organization for the same issue.

They are all facing issues on the Realme 3 Pro with Color OS 6 on the phone.
It was working fine before around 6 months.


We deployed MFA and Intune MAM in our organization and this is happening on one of our users. He keeps getting signed-out everyday.

Happening on his Huawei NOVA 5T YAL -L21, on Android 10. Issue started last week.



Am getting the issue in my organisation. Happen to 2 of my users on Huawei P30 Android 10. Does anyone has any ideas or heard of anything from Microsoft?


We have realme 3 pro devices with Colour OS 6 and realme OS (Latest OS on Android 10), but we have not seen this kind of issue, all device working fine, can you try enrolling device using Serial number instead of IMEI if not done already and see if it resolve the issue@vshreyask 

That needs a change from Microsoft Intune Admin Level then. I will forward this response to our BYOD technical team and see if I can get some assistance. Thanks @I_am_Rajesh 

I can confirm this issue with a Huawei P30 in our org. also.


There seems to be a solution posted here:

Just upgraded my Honor 10 smart phone to EMUI / Android 10 and getting this exact issue. My colleague who also has the same phone has the same ! Do MS have to add devices and their known genuine OS versions to an Intune BYOD compatibility / approval list before BYOD will work?


Did anyone know if the problem still persists on ColorOS 11 or its got fixed now?
I'm keen to try it on the latest ColorOS 11, just wondering if anyone already tries it. Thank you.