Microsoft_Intune_DeviceSettings extension failed to load.

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When I am trying to access, I get the below message about intune device settings extension, then the screen continues to show the 3 dots and nothing happens. This only happens on our corporate network. It loads fine when on home internet. 


Things I have tried: 


- confirmed third party cookies enabled for this site

- no pop-ups being blocked. 

- cannot see any traffic being blocked on the firewall. As per closest article i've found: I whitelisted on the FW with no success. 

- I have tried Chrome, Edge, both normal and in incognito mode. 


I have also included a screenshot from fiddler to show the process the browser goes through. I tried adding those URL's to permitted sites on the FW with no luck. Any advice would be appreciated. 







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Hi.. seen it happening with ssl inspection software/firewalls or something like Pihole. if it works at your home internet... there must be some blocker at the corporate network.

Hi Rudy,

Thank you for the response. I thought I had replied earlier. That is my thought as well, but i've tried suggestions to unblock I saw in another post, as well as making sure to add all related URL's to the whitelist on the FW with no luck. I even went as far as excluding from SSL with the same behavior.

@lalan8499 What happens when you access directly? It should return a 404 but it'll let you test if the SSL/TLS-handshake is successful.


Like @Rudy_Ooms_MVP, I would expect there's some kind of inspection going on somewhere along the route. Is there a proxy in play?

What happens when totally removing/bypassing the proxy/ssl inspection that is configured.I am assuming that works as expected? because that sandbox-60 mentioned is your proxy or?

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP  We confirmed that it works as expected, as we have done it successfully for other websites. After some more investigation, we found out that the microsoft-intune application category on the palo alto fw was being blocked. we didn't see it in the original traffic as we had to investigate a bit in url logs to determine which IP it was re-directing to.