Microsoft Intune admin center / tenant details will not show Intune device license quantity


Guidance will say, that Intune Device license quantity should show with:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Intune admin center.
  2. Select Tenant administration > Tenant status.
    Under the Tenant details tab, you will see the MDM authority, the Total licenses users, and the Total Intune licenses.
  3. Select Tenant administration > Roles > My permissions.
  4. Confirm you are an administrator with full permissions to all Intune resources.

Assign Microsoft Intune licenses | Microsoft Learn

Tenant details will tell that on this tab, you'll also find basic information about your available licenses and how many are assigned to users. Licenses for devices aren't shown.

How partner can check their customer intune device license quantity?

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Hi @Lainetar ,


The recommended place to see licensing is the M365 admin center of your tenant.


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