Microsoft Intune adds support for Knox Mobile Enrollment on company-owned Samsung devices

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Managing company-owned Android devices just got easier. Today, Microsoft Intune is announcing support for enrollment of Samsung devices using Knox Mobile Enrollment. You can now procure, configure and manage Samsung devices on behalf of the company and enroll them centrally before delivering to users. With the combination of Intune and Knox Mobile Enrollment, your end-users enjoy a faster Intune onboarding experience with fewer clicks and no Android system prompts. This capability currently supports device admin for enterprise use and will be extended to device owner enrollments in a forthcoming release.


IT admins can configure MDM profiles in the Knox Portal by simply selecting the Intune Company Portal app, and optionally, associating usernames with devices. For the end-user, the Intune enrollment experience is seamlessly integrated with the out-of-box set-up experience. When the device is connected to the Internet for the first time, it automatically installs and launches the Intune Company Portal app and enrolls to Intune as part of new device set-up experience. If IT admin has associated the username and device, it is pre-populated in Company Portal. End-users then only need to enter their work or school account password to enroll devices. Pre-populated username also prevents enrolling using a different username after the device has been factory-reset or removed from Intune management by the end-user.


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