Microsoft.Graph.Intune vs. Microsoft.Graph

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I am looking to connect with someone who knows about the state of Graph automation for Intune Policy Creation.


The Microsoft.Graph.Intune module is still around as primary documentation links to it at Working with Intune in Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn. I'm finding it is used in several community modules such as IntuneBackupAndRestore and IntuneDocumentation. However, these resources have not been updated recently -- some in 2 years, others as much as 5-6. I had troubles using the sample scripts provided by Microsoft (powershell-intune-samples/DeviceConfiguration/DeviceConfiguration_Import_FromJSON.ps1 at master · mi... and powershell-intune-samples/CompliancePolicy/CompliancePolicy_Import_FromJSON.ps1 at master · microsof...), and had to downgrade them to use an older version of AzureAD (let alone that AzureAD should be getting replaced by the true Graph PowerShell SDK). 


I'm wondering whether I should even attempt to use Microsoft.Graph.Intune. Does anyone have any experience on using the native Microsoft.Graph module or a similar one in the PowerShell SDK rather than this older Microsoft.Graph.Intune module? Something just doesn't feel right. Thanks if anyone has any experience.

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