Microsoft For iOS App protection policies

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Hi All, 


I think I know the answer but need to check.


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Microsoft For iOS App protection policies only apply to MS apps download from the Company Portal?


So if Outlook wasn't downloaded from the Company Portal then the policy doesn't apply, correct?


I have a user that has 3 iOS devices with an Outlook issue, two devices haven't installed Outlook via the Company Portal and one devices has.


I suspect they have download the Office365 app via the iOS store (which I have no management of) but the user is pointing the finger at Intune's policy being the issue, but so far only one one person effected.


Fingers crossed for a quick reply




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In iOS there's only 1 profile whether the app is downloaded from Intune Company Portal or iOS App Store it really doesn't matter! As long as, Intune administrator has selected Outlook as an Managed application there's should be any issue.
When the apps are downloaded from Company portal, then Intune recognizes them as managed and they fall under the managed channel. If the apps were installed outside the company portal, then Intune will recognize them as unmanaged. For APP to work on managed devices, use IntuneMAMUPN key in the App configuration. Also, things will depend on how have you setup the APP. If you are using managed app filters, then the assignment can be different. If not and you have targeted a user group only, then APP should apply on both managed and unmanaged apps.