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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

Microsoft Edge (Displays Blank URL bar)

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Hi, I have a wierd issue with my policy for Edge.


I configure Start page URL and new tab URL and multiple other policies as the image below shows.

The issue is that when Edge starts the correct start page shows but the URL bar is blank not displaying the URL of the start page. It stays blank until you actually press the Home button (Home button is the same adress as the startpage) Or until you brows outside of the Start page. But as long as I'm on the startpage i set the URL bar is blank.




Following policies are configured for Edge.



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Hi @JimmyWork


I think you are missing the setting Action to take on startup. This needs to be set to Open a list of URLs and Sites to open when the browser starts


I have copied the following documentation of the setting Configure the home page URL 


The home page is the page opened by the Home button. The pages that open on startup are controlled by the 'RestoreOnStartup' (Action to take on startup) policies.



I have copied the following documentation of the setting Sites to open when the browser starts


Specify a list of websites to open automatically when the browser starts. If you don't configure this policy, no site is opened on startup.


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But my site is opened on startup, the startpage always opens and displays but the URL is empty, but it does display the startpage i set.
This was the issue :) thank you it worked.