Microsoft Defender and Samsung OneUI

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Hey all,

We are experiencing something that I'm sure other users have come across but to this date, haven't found a fix.


We use Samsung devices in house, and these are all enrolled through KNOX and Intune.  We push out our selection of Configuration profiles, Restriction profiles, Apps, App Configurations etc.  Defender is one of these apps, but we've come across a problem.


Samsung One UI seems to be overly aggressive in its App Sleep / Battery Saver management and we're finding the Defender is being slept leaving out devices out of compliance.


Has anyone found a manual configuration to push out that disables this action by Samsung phones?    I realise that we have to do 'some' manual setup of Android Defender but would like this automated if possible.  

Anyone else come across this or found a fix other than manually disabling the App Sleep options?

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Hi you can use the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) to accomplish this. You can find a guide here for setting this up:

Here you can find the key for KSP under Application Management it's the setting "Battery optimization allowlist".

@SebastiaanSmits Legend, I'll take a look in to this now!