Microsoft Authenticator issue for client device

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So I'm trying to setup Compoany owned fully managed device using Microsoft Intune. I setup necessary requirements setup from Microsoft Intune Admin center and I've one Android device, where I want to test for as client device.


So these are the steps:

  • Did factory reset on client device
  • Setup is started
  • Asked for Google login
  • Entered "afw#setup"
  • Followed on-screen instructions
  • Scanned QR code
  • Then automatically redirected to Google Chrome
  • There I need to enter Microsoft login
  • There I entered "user email - which I created in my Intune Admin center - create user - email address removed for privacy reasons" - Please let me know here I should enter admin credentials or user? I think it should be user.
  • After enter user credentials - Email and password
  • It redirected to download and setup Microsoft Authenticator


Problem: Problem is started from here, I'm not able to download Authenticator app, in playstore it is showing "pending" all the time. Also In one of the other device, even I downloaded Microsoft Authenticator and added email address removed for privacy reasons account but even there also I'm not getting any notification to approve it.


I'm stuck for this.


Ideally, when I setup a new user in new device, I do not have Microsoft Authenticator setup right? then why it is asking code for that?

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Hi @jimmytrivedi ,


It looks like you have not fully configured your tenant for device enrollment. Kindly refer to MS docs and you should be able to do so.




Hi Somesh,

Sure, I'll do that, can you please provide me the correct link? I'm quite not sure what exactly I'm missing. And really thanks for the response.
Can anyone please help?